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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • kevin08
    04-17 11:09 PM
    Unique Transaction ID #5L468486F2892453U
    I am in for $25 for one month.

    Guys, please contribute and show support to YOUR own IV.

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  • delhirocks
    07-06 10:44 AM
    On a similar note, I just learned that my lawyer filed my application today. Her reasoning being very similar to that of Vin_a_99’s.

    I am one of the skeptics, and do not believe this lawsuit will do any good from CIS front, but I will throw my hat in the ring as I believe at the very least this will bring our issue to light.
    On a side note, since my application is filed, I am now eligible for company reimbursement for all my expenses…great news and its Friday…lots of pints coming up.:)

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  • anilsal
    11-02 09:16 AM
    Less than a month ago, I got mine renewed in IL(it expires in a year). Why take a chance with all the new policies?

    I got mine renewed. The lady at the counter asked the following questions:
    a) Are you a registered voter?
    b) Are you a US citizen?


    Got it till 2011.

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  • realizeit
    02-23 01:19 PM
    From some of the posts I found that some folks are concerned that it took so long to find and recognize talent from India at Oscars. Some felt Richard Attenborough's and Danny Boyle's movies got recognition whereas other Indian directors are not reaching the pinnacle.

    Even though OSCAR is recognized globally, it is an American movie award (Yes there are exceptions in some categories of OSCAR -- such as Foreign Movies etc). So, because of that reason, normal Indian and other Foreign movies are not eligible to be considered for the OSCAR. It is the same reason why Hollywood movies are not getting awards at the National Film awards in India!!!

    What I meant was, a particular movie has to meet certain eligibility criteria to be considered for the OSCARs. So, if a Bollywood movie directed by a Bollywood director meets those criteria, that movie can compete in the OSCARs.

    So, In essence there is not that much discrimination at Hollywood - I found Hollywood as a place which embraces all cultures and beliefs. Hollywood is the real catalyst for the American melting pot theme.

    This argument is not a personal one targeted at anyone. So - Please try to avoid personal level attacks - Instead criticize the argument - that will make this argument more interesting!


    Major Rules for consideration at Oscar are:

    1. All eligible motion pictures, unless otherwise noted (see Paragraph 9, below), must be:

    a. feature length (defined as over 40 minutes),
    b. publicly exhibited by means of 35mm or 70mm film, or in a 24- or 48-frame progressive scan Digital Cinema format with a minimum projector resolution of 2048 by 1080 pixels, source image format conforming to SMPTE 428-1-2006 D-Cinema – Image Characteristics; image compression (if used) conforming to ISO/IEC 15444-1 (JPEG 2000), and image and sound file formats suitable for exhibition in commercial Digital Cinema sites,
    c. for paid admission in a commercial motion picture theater in Los Angeles County,
    d. for a run of at least seven consecutive days,
    e. advertised and exploited during their Los Angeles run in a manner considered normal and customary to the industry, and
    f. within the Awards year deadlines specified in Rule Three.

    2. Films that, in any version, receive their first public exhibition or distribution in any manner other than as a theatrical motion picture release will not be eligible for Academy Awards in any category. (This includes broadcast and cable television as well as home video marketing and Internet transmission.) However, ten minutes or ten percent of the running time of a film, whichever is shorter, is allowed to be shown in a nontheatrical medium prior to the film's theatrical release.


    “Slumdog Millionaire” would have excluded from OSCARs if it went straight to DVDs as per the initial assumption of its producers. Fox Searchlight rescued this movie and because of that it met all the rules above and included in the OSCAR competition.


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  • GCBy3000
    04-14 12:24 PM
    Indian American contributing $5 million to Hilary clinton. THey have already collected $1million in short span of time. How about organizing Sharukh and Amithab to perform a show for IV in major cities like NY/NJ/Chicago and SFO. If anyone has contacts with organisers of these events, we can try to do something.


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  • ags123
    04-07 08:33 PM
    500 Eb1 numbers are unused
    500 numbers spills to Eb2
    There are no 100 Eb2 India cases and 50 Eb2 China cases and Eb2 ROW/phillipines/mexico is current
    Now Eb2 India+Eb2 china uses up 150 numbers and

    350 numbers spills to Eb3

    Now there are 1000 Eb3 India cases from 2001 to 2003
    Eb3 china,ROW etc there are 1000 cases fom 2003 onwards and none from 2001 to 2003

    As spill over needs to go by PD Eb3 India takes of the 350 numbers and may be moves by 1-2 months and Eb3 ROW doesnt get any because no older cases.

    DISCLAIMER: this is only illustrative and highly oversimplified, Actual scenario will have many many variables


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  • Humhongekamyab
    01-15 03:04 PM
    whome do you want to kill buddy?

    No one. Just want to exercise my right to bear arm under Constitution's Second Amendment :p.

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  • smuggymba
    04-20 02:13 PM
    I agree that we MUST educate them.

    Most of them do not know anything about L1. They think only about H1. I have been to my Congressman's office several times and have written numerous letters (not emails but printed and signed letters, as they have a better impact).

    Requst one and all to do that. CIR is dead now. What next? can we debate?


    Politicians are very well aware of our issues; they just don't want to provide a solution because of the hispanic caucus.


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  • webm
    08-18 02:42 PM

    My EAD renewal was filed in TSC in the middle of June. Now it is more than 2 months I haven't heard anything from them. I wonder do they request for FP during EAD renewal ? When I applied for EAD first time in 2007 there was no request for FP and the EAD was approved without FP. But I have seen several posts where folks mentioned that they have got FP notification after they filed their EAD renewal. I have done one FP beginning of 2008 as part of my AOS filed on July 2, 2007. So, I wonder do I receive another FP notification as part of my EAD renewal or USCIS can use my existing FP (they may have in their system) ?


    If you E-Filed EAD then you expect to receive FP notice..Else if paper filed then no FP..thats the logic..

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  • gc101
    07-18 02:36 PM
    What is your PD and EB category. This discussion won't go anywhere without that information.

    PD is Mar 2005
    EB is EB3.
    I-140 applied in Mar 13, 2007 (not approved yet).

    Appreciate your help


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  • admin
    04-03 10:50 AM
    I am suprprised if IV is working towards abiltiy to file 485 and hard country limit...Just want to know how IV is working towards these 2 items...
    If any of these two wont show out in coming bill,..then I would say goodbye to IV..because all other items in bill were there without IV;s interaction....

    Can somebody calrify if these options will anyway include in this bill..by means of ammendements...

    We have been fighting very hard to introduce a number of amendments including the ability to file I-485 and also to remove the country limit. We have spoken to a number of senators in this regard.

    While we have no guarantees that they will be introduced, one thing I can guarantee, we will fight as hard as we possibly could.

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  • PavanV
    10-11 04:38 PM
    That quote is very inspirational man, just love it :)

    "Oye, PavanV", Do not worry. I believe in "Sawa Lakh se Ek Ladaun Tab Gobind Singh Naam Kahaun". :)


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  • TheOmbudsman
    10-17 05:33 PM

    I am very sorry. I know exactly what you have been through. My wife also experienced a very complicated pregnancy. My baby *nearly* was born prematurily. Then Thanks God that did not happen. I felt all the pain because my wife was kept flat on bed rest for 4 months.

    To make things more complicated, the doctors made an apparent mistake and mixed two type of incompatible medicines which made her develop fluids in her lungs. She was transferred to another hospital, in which a young doctor, an intern, believed she had developed a blood clot on her lung ! She was submitted to several exams to determine that was not a blood clot.

    The bill for all that ? $40,000+. If I had to pay that on my own, I would be in bad shape.

    In this country is dog eat dog, rat eat rat. It is about money. I am still happier here than in Canada though. That varies from individual to individual though.

    Good luck to you.

    H1b humane-hear my story..it cannot be as inhuman as it can be..(i have written the story in one of the forums before also..)

    My PD-Oct 2001..Eb3..My wife RIR-almost making it thru I140when all hell broke loose in our lives...my wife was pregnant and because of stupid gynaecologist..she ended up in hospital with complicated premature preganancy..guess what..as if it was not bad enough..her company got acquired just when she was admitted in hospital...imagine wondering about health insurance when she was kept to bed rest with no mobility allowed..we filed for insurance by mistake..which said that 20% in patient.....we were so shaken that even human resource did not advise us..guess what..baby was born..and it was surmised that baby will have long stay in hosiptal...2-3 months(eventually it was 4 months!)..somwhere around the first month..I realized that her insurance..will rip me off..I called right at the end of the first month..and tried several times to put my wife and baby on my insurance so that i don't end up paying 20%..it was lot of efforts until I found some desi in Blue cross insurance who put the whole family from the first initial month..when normally people get the policy for the following month at that time.

    one down --and then another came..my wife was called to her office from hospital saying that..since there was lot of work in her office..she could come for some days..guess what..she went back..thinking..she could finish work and then take extended leave....guess what..she was laid off..and with baby in hospital..and lay off..plus a rush to change her status to H4 visa..imagine the workload.....finally got her status changed..to h4 visa..with GC and labor in trash...

    I was so disgusted..that I started writing to Governor Shwarzenegger' office..who put me with Senator Diane Fienstein..and of course labor secretory Chao..after all the correspondings..all I got was my D number listed from Dallas..their sympathies...ALL I WROTE to them..Hey I want to change jobs because in those days I was commuting between LA to San Diego..where my baby was hospitalized...I wanted to be with my baby..and not work..but it was not possible..if I did..then I could get out of status...I even wrote to Department of Homeland security...and got no reply...they don't care..I ahve to be illegal to get sympathies..I guess!

    Situation was bad..finally baby was out of hospital and I weathered all with help of Almighty...and now I am so disgusted with system..that I am moving to vancouver...

    But I have another pleasant surprise..my boss wants me to work from vancouver and visit office once in a month...I don't know...whether it is possible...stay in vancouver and visit LA for 2 weeks and then go back and still maintain H1 status..

    what do you say..after all the stress!


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  • maverick_s39
    06-30 12:38 PM
    this is preposteruos, i was never denied entry on a train or bus just because i am asian, usa is much better country when it comes to racism than most of the asian countries (including india),

    But Gandhi ji actually did something when he was humiliated , unlike MOST IV MEMBERS" who just talk.. yes right TALK


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  • Sree Swathi
    04-21 01:49 PM
    thanks Michael chertoff

    Not baby sitter. I want to take care of my parents.

    it is part of our culture, we all live together forever.

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  • vik_tx
    05-16 11:56 AM
    now ..confirmed with two immigration attorneys.. this ruling goes into effect tomorrow.. they are all scrambling to file i140s on the last day!(today)


    Ok. This comes from a very reliable source.. but need some clarification from the experts out here...

    1) No LC Substitutions
    2) If one hasn't filed the I-140 within 45 days of receiving the approved labor certification, then he/she is SOL. This rule goes into effect tomorrow 5/18 and this may be applied retro-actively...i.e. If you have received an approved labor certification in the past 45 days and not filed yet.. you may have to re-file labor, as your approval is invalid!..

    any ideas?

    text from the ammendment-
    In order to protect the integrity of the permanent labor certification
    program, deter fraud, and comply with the Department's statutory obligation
    to protect the wages and working conditions of U.S. workers, the Department
    has determined a number of amendments are appropriate. The first amendment
    would prohibit the substitution of alien beneficiaries on pending
    applications for permanent labor certification and on approved permanent
    labor certifications not yet filed with DHS. This amendment could, at least
    to some degree, affect DHS's current practice of allowing U.S. employers to
    substitute an alien through the filing of a new Form I-140 petition,
    supported by a labor certification in the name of the original beneficiary.
    The second amendment would require a permanent labor certification be filed
    with DHS within 45 calendar days of the date it is certified by DOL. The
    third amendment would prohibit the sale, barter, and purchase of
    applications and approved labor certifications, as well as other related
    payments. Finally, the Department is proposing enforcement mechanisms,
    including debarment with appeal rights, to protect the integrity of the
    permanent labor certification program and deter individuals or entities from
    engaging in prohibited transactions or abusing the labor certification
    process. The Department invites public comment regarding all aspects of each
    of these proposed changes.


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  • nviren
    02-16 04:48 PM

    Good work guys.

    My contribution of $100 by paper check went out today.

    Weeks turned into months, months into years passively looking out to get GC thinking that you being an honest individual, contributor to the industry and economy and society here, you will get it soon.

    Then comes the bombshell of retrogression telling you to stick to your same job, employer and salary not for 2-3 years but something like 5-6 or more years, while away your most productive years of life waiting for GC uncertain and unable to get on with your normal life, unable to make major decisions of life.

    A flicker of hope was raised by the senate bill in dec 2005 that the wait will come to an end. But just so little of political support, lot of apathy and ignorance, and determined opposition by well funded anti-immigration lobbies killed that hope.

    Now one realises you are up against a solid, a very solid challenge. Only a focussed and organised action can overcome this challenge.

    The momentum of individual activity during nov-dec 2005 was very good. It will be needed again. But that activity alone did not get us the results. What is needed here is an organised and focussed efforts by committed people backed by good funding. That's the way America works.

    And this is what I see Immigration Voice doing. And it will need more members, money contribution and activism by the aspirants.

    Hence guys, contribute and spread the word. dig out your address books, send the mails, call your friends, colleagues and request them to join the effort.

    Few things I would like to mention:

    The immigration issue has gathered a good steam in US politics. Something will surely get done by the congress about the whole immigartion issue soon. Our issue is one part of it. If we miss this bus, this topic of immigration is not going to get hot for many more years.

    We are also up against formidable anti-immigration forces which conveniently mixes legal immigartion with illegal one.

    We are also up against a lot of ignorance and apathy on the part of politicians about legal immigration.

    The lobbying by corporates is our ally in this effort. They are one of the affected party because of retrogression.

    Few pro-legal-immigration members of congress are our allies in this effort.

    On the whole we, as a legal immigrant community, has good deal of work to do in a very short time in a do or die situation.

    Hence join Immigration Voice, contribute and give a call for action to your friends.

    I did that during the senate bill period. I will be doing it again.



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  • Jayr
    08-22 02:15 PM
    I like your word: "guestimate" (Guess + Estimate) i.e. tukka (hindi word)

    Well, I don't think I am at the end of line of 300,000 people. There must be lots and lots of people whose priority date is after April 2004 might have filed. This includes 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

    So I think 3 years is intelligent guess. But who knows I am just trying to make myself happy and trying to stay positive.


    My understanding was that once the 485 is filed, you go by RD. It doesn't matter what your PD is...

    Does anyone know what the legislation is?

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  • mallu
    06-15 08:30 PM
    We are being squeezed all along the way... Did you notice I140 retrogression? Think about those who got stuck at labor, then 140, then I485, then name check...

    Did you hear that they were trying to eliminate AC21? So what's the benefit of filing I485 considering all the backlogs? Without AC21, you still have to start all over again should you lose your job.

    Pure stupidity on those bueracrats!

    Some employers are having merry time. "Dedicated" employees working for N number of years without any major promotion ( also i have seen employers in dilemma because cannot promote employee to a mangerial position ).

    09-22 03:07 AM
    Hi everyone.
    I was part of the San Jose rally .. where there were about 300 odd people.
    My neighbors had been to the immigration rally in Washington(flew from San Jose) and they said that there were about 1000 people there.

    I have been following the immigration issues for sometime .. and I'm not very convinced that such small numbers can make the difference.

    Silicon Valley has maybe a 100,000 Indian engineers or more. Add families .. and a much higher number. Add Chinese and European immigrants .. and you have all of Silicon valley :)

    We should hold a huge rally say in the campus of some company like Cisco .. or Google(who are immigrant friendly) on a work day .. say Friday lunch time .. and have everyone attend.

    Being in Cisco .. you can pretty much get all their employees to attend... which is substantial.
    Also have industry people talking in favor of better immigration policies.
    (we could hold it in some other company or a common area .. anything works)

    Unless we can have a substantial number of folks say 10,000 or more .. I don't honestly see too much of a point.
    Even if IV collects a few million dollars .. and lobbies .. it will never have the impact of 10000 people protesting.

    We need to see if we can have similar rallies ever month in major hubs like New York, Washington, Seattle, Houston.
    Unless we have s sustained campaign and we have the numbers .. I personally do not see things really changing.

    I see people being optimistic about 300 folks in San Jose rally and 1000 in Washington. But having been to the rally in San Jose I don't see how 3 times that number in Washington is going to cut it. (Read Logiclife's post ... but we still need the numbers !!)

    I'm not being a pessimist .. appreciate all the efforts that IV core undertakes .. but am totally unconvinced of major immigration changes. Looking at something like CIR being struck down .. after being on television for long and being debated .. I think we should get real.

    Thank you

    02-15 05:49 PM

    i have 3 yrs degree + 1 yr pg diploma. I have been working in industry for past 17 years, and don't think any degree or even doctorate would add much to my qualification for the job that i am doing.

    I am currently filed in eb3 category, and new company i am changing job to are ready to refile my gc. But they won't file my gc in eb2 category, as i don't meet the 4 yr bs requirement.

    My son will be in the highschool in 4 years, and i don't want to spend a lot of money on getting ms to myself. But for the gc i am looking for fastest and cheapest way to get ms program. I have no idea how it works, what qualifies me for a degree, what can i get credits for. Any inputs would be appreciated.



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